About Todd Curtis

My love of real estate and the concept of property ownership goes back to my earliest days growing up on the coast of southern and central California. I remember driving up the coast to the community where my great-grandparents lived and driving through downtown and my dad pointing out all the properties they owned. I also recall all the cousins converging on vacant lots to mow, weed, and pick up trash. These things stuck with me and taught me the value of home and property ownership. In the years since becoming licensed in 2017, I've been blessed to have handled many estate properties and many of the inherent difficulties that can come with these types of transactions. As with my prior career, an Area Manager with a major Telecommunications company, I love the challenge of owning complex transactions and helping transition stressful situations into positive ones. Helping all home sellers or buyers have a pleasant, low stress real estate transaction is what I take the most satisfaction from as a realtor.

I love real estate and would love to assist you with your realty needs!